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Who We Are

SAWA is a Swahili word meaning EQUAL. SAWA Initiative is a Non-Government Organization that deals with ending violence against women and children in Tanzania promote and protect human rights, women empowerment , and strengthening social welfare and community development systems.

For Every Children

Children are vulnerable and should be protected. Number of initiatives are developed to ensure their protection. Children are the future, future nation, future leaders and future society, therefore protecting them is protecting the future.

Partnership For Goals

 SAWA Initiative works in collaboration with Tanzanian government through various ministries, local organizations, foreign countries through their embassies and international organizations.

Lets come together!

Helping the society is not a one man job. People who believe in the cause should come together and join forces to make sure the difference is made. Abuse and violence issues are caused by multi-layer reasons and only by coming together these issues will be defeated.

Power of Music and Art

Our organization leverage the power of music and art. Music and art has the power to bring people together, power to send an intended message and most of all power to attract a bigger audience.